Your Storyline courses need something more engaging, right?

You may have done the best research and have excellent writing, but your web course won’t really be engaging if it doesn’t show interactions that stand out.

* Have no idea about Storyline and Rise?

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Don’t wate so much time. Here are some animated slides for your courses. Looking for an interactive explanation for a key topic?

Timeline Rocket Learning Template for Storyline 360


Animated templates to expose a topic: texts with images, bullets, ordered lists, sequences and more.


Templates to interact with the content: drag and drop, processes, clickable galleries, sliders and more.
Big Title Movie Learning Template


Templates to present topics, titles, introductions. Also used as separators between units.

What are our Animated Storyline Slides like?

Accurate entry times

Each object on the slide has a different entry time and slight animation. You will see it clearly on the timeline.

Reference colors

Work faster: choose your colors by clicking the eyedropper in any of the reference squares.

Questions & answers

We support you and can answer technical questions, adapt designs, or create new slides at your request.

You can use these templates in Articulate Rise too! See how